LMS Addon : Certificates

LMS Addon : Certificates

LMS Addon : Certificates

Certificates section is the final stage in the Class or Course process. You can add certificates from Dashboard > LMS > All Certificates > Add New

Now we are going to look the options of Certificates Add New page. Once the page is opened you will have the section for the Certificates contents in which you can use the Visual Composer plugin. We have numerous shortcodes for Certificates and we will be explaining it in this documentation.

Certificate Options

You can choose certificate options for your Certificate as follows.

1) Enable Print – You can enable or disable this option. Would you like to enable print button for your certificate? Then enable print button option so that downloading the certificate will lead to the print page directly.

2) Shortcode – You can use the below shortcode to add certificate content dynamically where you want.

[dtlms_certificate_details item_type=”*” /]

Instead of “*” you can use the below keywords to create a certificate as per your needs.

  1. student_name – To display student name.
  2. item_name – To display corresponding class name or course name.
  3. student_percent – To display student percentage.
  4. date – To display certificate date.

Just have a look at the certificates that can seen in the frontend. This is our default design and the admin can design the certificate as per his own needs.