LMS Addon : All Lessons

LMS Addon : All Lessons

This is how the Lessons backend shows for the site administrator. Now we are going to look the options of Lessons Add New page. Once the page is opened you will have the section for the lessons contents in which you can use the Visual Composer plugin. We have numerous shortcodes for lessons and we will be explaining it in this documentation.

Lesson Options

Unlock Lesson

This Unlock Lesson section acts as a preview section of the lesson. Whether the courses is paid or free, if you have set this option to YES! then the lesson can be viewed by anyone. It will not be affected by “Curriculum Completion Lock” in course settings.


Curriculum module in the lessons is similar to the curriculum module in courses. You can assign any number of quizzes and assignments to the individual lessons from this module. In this section we do have 3 buttons. The functionality of the curriculum is similar to the courses section.


From this option you can add the duration taken for the lesson to complete. Normally this duration will be displayed beside the lessons section in the course details page. But if drip feed dynamic concept is enabled for the courses in which the current lesson is included, then this duration time will be threshold time for the next curriculum to open.

Duration Parameter

Choose your lesson duration parameter in Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months or Years.

Maximum Mark

You can set your maximum mark for lesson. The default value for the lesson is 100. While Grading the lesson from backend the maximum mark will applied to that lesson, however the admin can update the marks as per his needs while grading.

Pass Percentage (%)

You can set your pass percentage for this lesson. The default value is 100%. For now the pass percentage is not used anywhere in the theme. We have added this field for future purposes. Your suggestions are always welcome regarding this option.

Featured Video Metabox

You can add featured video in this section. The video can be in the format of Youtube Video links, Vimeo Video links and Self Hosted Video links like mp4, etc…

Author Metabox

From this metabox you can change the author of the current lesson. All the authors of your site will be listed in the selection box. If the author needs to be changed, the admin can change it from this option.