Install and setup WooCommerce

Install and setup WooCommerce

Theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce that includes full integration as well as custom WooCommerce elements. So, to get started with making of your online presence, first you need to install a free WooCommerce plugin. Click here to install a WooCommerce plugin. To know more about WooCommerce important information just click on below links.

How To Install WooCommerce

To install a free WooCommerce plugin, consider below steps. There are two ways to install WooCommerce plugins. First, you can download it directly from the theme setup.

Step 1: Navigate to admin panel > Plugins > Add new and find the WooCommerce plugin like below image.

Step 2: Click on the “Install Now” button and wait for installation and auto activation.

Step 3: Once you have activated WooCommerce plugin, you can now start creating your online shop page.