Boxers and Trainers Details

Boxers and Trainers Details

Managing Users from Administration Panel

In this post we’ll reveal how to create user and assign the rights to users. A user is a person, who has registered to your website and has certain rights to add, publish and edit content (the rights might differ for various user roles, which can be assigned to each user particularly).

Creating a Trainers

Step 1: To do it login to Administration panel (Dashboard) and find Users tab in the left column.

Step 2: Choose Add New sub menu. Here you can see the form to fill in all the required information about a new user (username, email), set a password, and choose the role (Trainers) for him.

Note : To add additional information for trainers. Through User Edit options only you can add trainer additional information

Changing User Roles

If you need to change roles globally, you can go to All Users tab and change the roles for some or all of the users from the existing list by using bulk actions. Just choose the role you want to set for a user (or users) and click on Change

Here you can add or delete users, change their rights (assign users to different roles) and edit their profile information. You can also view your account information, and edit your own profile.