Add New Classes

Add New Classes

Add New Classes

A blog page is a page of your website, which contains different posts with textual and visual content. You might need it if you want to see all of your posts at one page. You may also set the blog page as the front page of your website. Let’s find out about creating a blog page.

Creating a Classes Page

Step 1: Log in to Administration panel and choose Classes tab in the left column of the Dashboard.
Step 2: Click on Add New sub menu to open a page editor.

Step 3: Type in Classes in the Title field.  Choose a template you want to use as a blog page in the right block called Page Attributes.

Step 4: Click on Publish button. Now your page is ready, but we still have to add it to the menu.

Classes Options


Gallery Images: Simply add images to gallery items.

Class Tabs: Click button to add new tabs

These tabs are capable of displaying different subjects in single window.


Select Class Method: Select a valid class Method

Select Trainer: Select the trainer for this class

Add Video Count: Select the Video Count ( used for trainer shortcodes only)

Add Class Duration: Put valid class duration. eg: 12:30 mins

Class Tab Section :

If you enable Add Tabs from “Class Tabs” option in Class edit page, then in the front end, the content will display as 1/3rd column and 2/3rd column. That is the tabs titles will be in 1/3rd column and the contents of the tabs will be in the 2/3rd column. If no tabs are added, then the contents will be displayed in single column.

If you enable Class Tabs Options, You must add Tab Title and Tab id

Tab id: Please enter suitable tabid like ( intro ), since using this tab id only we display the contents in the frontend.